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Media Tag develops and sells Software specialising in and mobile Applications to enable real time trading. Our applications rely on sold backend platform and gateways. Our experience has shown that behind every robust application are necessary layers of backend technology. These layers allow robust interfacing to third party systems for collecting data. They also provide necessary routing of data between multiple end points, and algorithms to enhance search and optimise displayed results based on many parameters including user behaviour.


Dedicated Mobile Applications (Apps) are a faster and better alternative to websites for real-time ecommerce trading. The advantages include:
Optimal use of screen size for ease of navigation and data viewing

  • Optimal speed of loading data and pages to a mobile device
  • Realtime responses between multiple users
  • Integrated and Direct Interface to other built-in phone application like: Contacts; Text; Chat; Phone; and Camera
  • Audit trail of all communications and trades
  • Works online and with an offline mode
  • Contains all information communications and data within the App

The Media Tag trading systems includes a robust backend supply system called Multiple and different front-end trading systems may be added.

Running off the szipto gateway are everything from website to ecommerce, including:

  • eBay Web Stores:
  • Shopify Web Stores:
  • MediaTag mobile ecommerce App: ProductZapp

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