Portfolio Description

After working with wholesalers to publish products to different websites & retailers; and collate orders coming back from these different websites and retailers in one place, was developed to automate this work. The features of szipto extend to the accounting and warehouse and inventory maintenance.

Szipto readily connects to different selling end-points including ecommerce Apps and websites to publish products and maintain inventory. was built as a software platform for matching and facilitating relationships between wholesalers and retailers, and managing complex Omni-channel and Multi-channel supply chain operations.

Szipto provides an easy way of managing online and mobile direct to consumer supply chain operations.

Users can:

  • Build complex networks of suppliers, couriers, and retailers.
  • Create product catalogues and mange the publishing of products to different markets. Including: Amazon; Ebay; Magenta; Shopify.
  • Connects to a variety of ERP systems to transfer: Products, Orders, Inventory, and shipping details.
  • Manage received sales orders and distributes to suppliers and factories for direct deliveries.
  • Szipto may be used a drop ship system connecting to external trading partners or a direct delivery system to manage your internal supply chain.