Portfolio Description

eTailme was started to sell products and develop brands, on behalf of wholesalers who wanted to sell products online without running their own online stores. eTailme is an aggregation of multiple products over a wide range of categories. Products are delivered direct from the supplier or factory premises to customers. This is a classic drop ship model.

eTailme provide a revolutionary platform and methodology for selling an unlimited number of products, sourced from multiple suppliers, on multiple websites.

Running on the supply chain platform, the solution provides an additional sales channel for any supplier, and conversely provides additional source of product for any retailer, with zero risk to either party.

eTailme positions your brand, products and services in front of millions of new customers which will:

  • Drive more traffic to your online and offline retail stores
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Revolutionise your ancillary sales and per-customer transactional values
  • Launch your new service and product lines
  • Quickly clear your excess and discontinued stock
  • Your brand, products and services are the lifeblood of your business.

To grow, you need to connect to new outlets, fully engage your existing customer base and focus your proposition to increase customer acquisition.

eTailme provides:

  • Expertise in integrated marketing communication services, connecting above and below-the-line media assets
  • Conveying and understanding online and Through-The-Line strategy
  • Supporting wholesalers and retail footprints online – aligning and adapting to an online marketplace
  • Securing and aligning with licensed properties to drive online sales
  • Enhancing product sales, services and brands within the digital space
  • Establishing strong and unique creative hooks to secure market messaging and communication uptake across varied media assets
  • Strong channel penetration and alignment to online and relevant media channels
  • Creating relevant digital promo/sales mechanics in line with campaign briefs
  • Providing digital platforms to co-operative product, services and media campaigns
  • Cross media and syndicated online platforms

The system is aligned to the GS1 global standards for supply chain.