Portfolio Description

Ever since cars have been advertised and sold via online channels, the car market has changed and as a result car dealers are being forced to adapt the way they operate. It has become increasingly difficult to source and trade stock. Traditional methods of buying and selling cars at wholesale levels are no longer reliable. Wholesale channels which once supplied dealers with a constant flow of stock are no longer providing stock so readily.

The free flow of cars between dealers which is essential part pf the vehicle ecosystem has been stemmed, and dealers are finding the marketplace progressively more challenging.

CarZapp was created to bring back the wholesale trade between dealers, and create a real-time trading platform for Car Dealers to trade cars between each other.

CarZapp provides the free flowing channel and networking platform that brings these wholesale channels back to life.
CarZapp enables Car Dealers to build networks between each other.

One of the ground breaking features is to allow the Car Dealer to Create and Manage a Tender and Auction from the App. There are many other features that align with running a dealership and maintaining inventory from a mobile device. The App interfaces to Dealer Management Systems (DMS ) that provide real-time updates of stock holding and prices.

CarZapp was conceived and named by our team. The brand and the software application was developed through consultations with car dealerships. It was designed and built on three different platforms (Apple iOS, Android, and web browsers) to optimize speed and performance and make use of inbuilt features of the operating systems.