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Digital Marketing

MediaTag provides marketing and sales expertise and consulting to get your products selling. We provide expert advice on SEO, using AdWords, Facebook advertising and all aspects of optimising social media platforms. Providing both organic and paid campaigns.

Software Sales and Marketing

Selling software requires building trust and relationships, Software is sold with ongoing commitments and responsibilities. At MediaTag we understand the commitment being made to the client and the responsibility entrusted.

Retail Product Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years of experience selling products via Retail and Online Retail channels, we will benchmark your current market status and provide necessary expertise and aid on the selling. This is done via our digital marketing team as well as our existing direct sale channels and databases.

Outsourced online store management: We operate online stores and provide digital marketing expertise. We will sell your products on one of our stores or manage a speciality online store for you. Current stores in operation include:

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